Great News for Practical Saver

Last week’s announcement that I will be discontinuing the weekly Practical Saver list was a surprise to many.  It had been a decision that was brewing for awhile, and the timing finally felt right.  Luckily the story doesn’t end there!  I knew that God wanted me to stop the weekly sales list, I sadly thought that meant that I was done with Practical Saver.  As soon as I released it and opened my hands and said “here”, He gave me so much excitement and reassurance that I am not done with helping people with their money!!
After multiple years of focusing on grocery savings, I feel the need to expand the savings window.  There is more to life than food (although my husband Ross may not agree) and I feel the need to spread my wings and help with more areas of the financial household.  In fact I have already started. Monday evening I hosted a class for 14 teenagers teaching them about money management.  Last Thursday I spoke to a group of seniors to talk about the incredible amount of senior discounts and tricks to save money for a small household.  I had a ball! I feel revived and energized!!
So the great news is, I am keeping open and going to continue to give guidance on household finances.  Eventhough I won't be doing the weekly grocery list, I will still be here.  I don’t know what specific direction I will be going, but I am so very excited to have more time to research ways to help families save even more money.  My desire and passion is teaching and public speaking.  I pray that the doors will be opened to make that a reality.
In the meantime, check back to often and “Like” me on Facebook as I will post classes and saving tips at both locations.  If I find good grocery deals to pass along, I will post them on the blog page as well!  I will keep the financial calculators, recipes, and videos active on the website.   I would also like to do more one-on-one counseling for individual households.  Fortunately this can be done electronically and not require face to face meetings.  If you have particular financial questions or would like direction, email me.
It is odd the variety of emotion that today brings.  Producing the last Wednesday sales list after ten years makes me sad and excited all in the same breath.  Thank you for hanging in there with me on this journey.  I praise God for what He has already done and for what He has still has planned.

What you need to know:

  • Visit for new Blog posts to assist with household savings (The financial calculators, recipes, and videos are still available on the website)
  • Like Me on Facebook to find posts on future classes
  • Today is the last weekly newsletter.  If you want a refund, mail me a self addressed envelope to 9336 E. Turtlerock Rd, Prescott Valley, AZ 86315.  Envelopes must be received by May 1st.

I don’t want to leave you without some resources.  There are several top-notch blogs that provide shoppers with valuable information each week.  Here are some that will help you continue saving at the grocery store.

No words can express how much fun it has been to help you save money through Practical Saver.  I am excited for the doors that God is going to open for our family in the next chapter of our lives!

God Bless,


 This is the last newsletter - I will be discontinuing the weekly service after today.



May 22, 2013


All prices 20% less ($8 off $40 email coupon –YUK!) Hint: to reach $40 level, stock up on meat items, frozen veggies, frozen blueberries, and clearance racks
Watermelon 1.99 ea
Cucumbers .98 ea
Cantaloupe 1.99 ea
Pineapple 2.99 ea
Peaches/nectarines 1.49 lb
Apples or pears 3 for .98
Green bell peppers 2 for .98
Pork spare ribs and b/s chicken breasts 1.99 lb
Beef tri tip 3.49 lb
Ground Beef chuck 2.49 lb
Bacon $3 lb (must buy 2)
F&E juices 64 oz 1.50 ea
Gourmet crackers 1.50
Frozen blueberries 3.99 lb
Eat well frozen entrees 1.99

Blueberries 3.99 18 oz
FJ pork spare ribs 1.79 lb
b/s chicken breasts 1.99 lb
30 1/3 lb beef patties 9.99
Bar S franks .89 lb
Top sirloin steaks, boneless 3.99 lb
Minute maid lemonade/punch .99, 59 oz
5 qt ice cream 4.99
35/.5 L Crystal Geyser water $4
2L 7up products .79
Frito Lay chips, party size B1G1for .01 (sale price 2.99)
Popsicle 8ct .99
8” pies 3.49
Cool whip .99
40-50 ct cream puffs 5.99
Assorted plates and napkins .99
Cheap gazebo 24.99



New Address: 1360 W Southern Ave. Mesa, AZ 85202 
American Disount Foods Website
Discoll strawberries .69 lb, limit 8 WED
Assorted apples .79 lb
Frozen sliced bananas .99 lb, limit 4 bags
Sliced Pepperoni 1.49 lb
Cooked Spicy Sichuan Chicken 1.99 lb
Fircrest whole chicken .99 lb
Fircrest all natura chicken breast 1.99 lb
Old El Paso Taco dinner kit .99
Reeses Potato salad .99 lb
Palermo Pepperoni pizza 27 oz 1.99, limit 2 WED
La Brea 3lb wheat loaves 1.49
Honey & Oat Blend Cereal .99 18oz, limit 2 WED
Simply OJ 1.99 89 oz
Trop 50 OJ 59 oz 1.50
Sweet leaf tea .50 can or 7.99 for 24 ct case
Candy packs 12 oz .99
Fiber One or Kashi cereal 1.50 limit 4
OM Cracker combos .79
Sliced Mozzarella cheese .99 8oz
Uncle Ben's Asian Style Brown Rice 2.99 26.5 oz
Planters Nut-rition energy mix .99 12oz
Jamba berry blast .20 or 8.99 for 55ct case
Beef enchiladas 1.49 lb
Hillshire farms lunch meets 1.50 8oz
Honest Tea Green unsweetened 1.50 64 oz
Gold Peak sweet tea 1.50 89 oz
La Victoria Taco Sause .69
La Victoria salsa .99 16oz


3130 E. Thomas Road, Phoenix, AZ 85016
El Super Website
Cherries .97 lb WED
Small Avocados .14 ea WED
Nectarines .89 lb WED
Corn .20 ea WED
Anaheim chiles .34 lb WED
Red seedless grapes 1.29 lb WED
Roma tomatoes .34 lb SAT/SUN
Papaya .67 lb
Red grapefruit .25 lb
Red delicious apples .50 lb
Pineapple .50 lb
Cucumbers .17 ea
Limes .34 lb
Cantaloupe .34 lb
Mangos .25 ea
While onions .25 lb
Organic Kefir 25% off
Roma Tomatoes 1.49 lb
Fuji Apples 1.25 lb
Cucumbers .99 ea
Romaine, Red/Green leaf lettuce 1.29 ea
Red/Yukon Potatoes .80 lb (5lb)
Holiday munchies sale: 25% off
Muir Glen 35% off
Pompeian oils 30% off
Agave sweeteners 25% off
Vitamin/skin care line drive sale: 25-35% off
Hansen Sodas 50% off
Blue Bell ice cream 35% off
Kettle Brand chips 25% off
Gourmet hot dogs 25% off
Sprouts 8” pies 3.99 ea


3130 E. Thomas Road, Phoenix, AZ 85016
El Super Website
Cherries .97 lb WED
Small Avocados .14 ea WED
Nectarines .89 lb WED
Corn .20 ea WED
Anaheim chiles .34 lb WED
Red seedless grapes 1.29 lb WED
Roma tomatoes .34 lb SAT/SUN
Papaya .67 lb
Red grapefruit .25 lb
Red delicious apples .50 lb
Pineapple .50 lb
Cucumbers .17 ea
Limes .34 lb
Cantaloupe .34 lb
Mangos .25 ea
White onions .25 lb
Boneless Beef Chuck roast/steak 2.89 lb
Chicken legs .79 lb
7 bone steak 2.49 lb SAT SUN
FF Smoked Turkey breast 2.47 lb
Best Buy bacon 1.99 lb
Pork Picnic or chops .97 lb THU
“al pastor” Diced marinated pork or chx 1.99 lb THU
Cheap Gazebo 19.99
Folding chairs 7.97
Kings Charcoal $3.97 with in ad coupon $2
Hunts Ketchup .89
Monterey cheese 2.59 lb
Canned corn .50
Tomato sauce .25

(West Phoenix and Chandler, but price match at Walmart)
Weekly Ad 
Special Event

Roma tomatoes .34 lb WED

Bananas .34 lb WED
Green Grapes .99 lb WED
White onions .20 lb WED
Cabbage .20 lb WED
Papaya .59 lb
Carrots .25 lb
Key Limes .50 lb
Cauliflower .34 lb
Watermelon .20 lb
T-Bone 4.97 lb

Bar S Franks .88 lb limit 5
Beef ribs 1.49 lb THU
Boneless Cross rib roast 2.79 lb THU
Chx thighs .69 lb THU
FUD Turkey ham 1.97 lb THU
Sugar 4lb 1.99
Bleach .89
FC canned fruit .99
Frozen veggies .99 lb
Calidad chips 1.25
Popsicles .99
Cool whip .99